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TRIGA Reactor I&C System

  • I&C systems for reactor lifetime extension and security level increase:
    • TRIGA SSR 14MW Protection System;
    • TRIGA SSR 14MW Control and Monitoring System;
    • Primary Cooling System;
    • Secondary Cooling System.
  • Communication Network System for online parameter monitoring;
  • I&C inspection program according to technical Limits and Condition for Operation of the reactor;
  • I&C maintenance program;
  • Equipments used in reactor department for I&C maintenance;
  • Determination of TRIGA Reactor control rod worth;
  • Determination of TRIGA Reactor control rod drop time;
  • Reactor facility visit.

Fuel management calculations for a high power research reactor

Research reactors offer the flexibility of the power level and of the core configuration needed for research and material testing purposes. Taking into account the requirements for flux/spectrum inside experimental devices, the reactivity excess needed for the designed operation campaign and the Limiting Conditions of Operation (LCOs), the reactor core configuration has to be calculated prior to the start of operation. The calculation training includes:

  • Reactor core modelling using MCNP;
  • Hot/cold reactivity excess;
  • Control rods worth and verification of the shutdown margin;
  • Core lifetime;

These will be exemplified for the TRIGA 14 MW Steady-State reactor.