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Out of Pile Testing

  • Maintaining and developing the competence and technical capabilities to test the F/M Heads until the completion and commissioning of the NPP-U3/U4 Cernavoda.
  • Testing and qualification of components and equipment for NPP Cernavoda.
  • Providing technical support for the commissioning and operation of NPP Cernavoda equipment.
  • Out of pile testing of experimental nuclear fuels
  • Testing of structural materials for new generation nuclear reactors.

Activities and achievements

Testing of NPP components and equipment:

  • F/M Heads 4 & 5 pre-acceptance and acceptance tests and Ram7 spare pusher for Unit 2 Cernavoda NPP.
  • Tests for the qualification of standard fuel beams manufactured in Romania for Cernavoda NPP.
  • Qualification tests for the FARE tool for Unit 1 Cernavoda NPP.
  • Channel closure qualification tests manufactured in Romania for Unit 2 Cernavoda NPP.
  • Explosion panel tests used on Unit 1 Cernavoda NPP.
  • Seismic and vibration tests for electronic components for Unit 1 Cernavoda NPP.

Design, execution and testing of installations, equipment and components :

  • Construction and commissioning of the F/M Head Test Rig, obtaining the AECL Canada qualification for it and for the personnel involved.
  • Realization and programing of the Computer Management System of the F/M Head Test Rig and its commissioning.
  • Specialized devices for the qualification tests of the standard fuel bundles manufactured in Romania for Cernavoda NPP.
  • High power electric heaters for pressure vessels.
  • Diaphragms for measuring flow through pipes with a diameter of less than 2".
  • Mechanical simulator, used for checking and adjusting the hydraulic actuation drive equipment of the F/M Head.
  • Electrical simulator, used to check the automation equipment in the control room of the F/M Head Test Rig.
  • Pressure reducers for Unit 1 Cernavoda NPP.
  • Mobile installation for testing F/M Head Rams.
  • Electromagnetic module for relocating the spacer bracelet spring of the fuel channel.
  • Damaged thermal insulation restoration technology of the defective fuel bundle detection system moderator tank coil assembly (SLCD)
  • Device for reconditioning F/M Head position sensor magnets.
  • Numerical control desk simulators, for training F/M Head Test Rig operators.
  • LECOTELO experimental thermohydraulic installation, intended for corrosion-erosion testing in molten lead, of structural materials intended for LFR reactors.

Development of theoretical models and original computer codes for :

  • Characterization of the welds of the combustible elements on the end grilles, as supports with elastic embedding.
  • Study of the mechanical vibrations of the fuel channel, depending on its loading with fuel bundles.
  • Study of pressure pulsations in the fuel channel, generated by the operation in the circulation pumps of the primary coolant.
  • Laminar flow with phase change of liquids, for estimating vapor losses through imperfect pores, cracks and seals.
  • Evaluation of the wear mechanism by corrosion, erosion and friction between the pressure tube and the patina of the fuel beam.
  • Spectral analysis of analog signals, with automatic interpretation of experimental data acquired during tests.
  • CFD modeling and analysis of the heat transfer in process of closing with ice plug of large diameter horizontal pipes, in the absence of working agent flow (water).

Services provided to the NPP:

  • F/M Head 4 & 5 preservation executed by GE Canada, until their installation at Unit 1 Cernavoda NPP.
  • Technical assistance and direct participation in the commissioning of SMC at Unit 1 Cernavoda NPP.
  • The experience gained, as well as the design and realization of specialized equipment are the basis of a permanent collaboration with NPP Cernavoda where the staff of the section periodically performs RAM tests. Specialized technical assistance for the execution of functional tests after repairing the spare RAM assembly for Unit 1.
  • Repair of Marota distributors equipped with Unit 1 Cernavoda NPP SMC.

Recent activities and achievements:

  • Set of specialized tools, designed to disassemble the channel closure plug, accidentally blocked in the terminal fitting of the fuel channel, in case of damage.
  • Set of specialized tools, designed to remove the F/M Head plug, accidentally locked in its snout plug, in case of damage.
  • The study of physical, acoustic and vibration phenomena, generated by the appearance of simulated cracks in F/M Head Test Rig, in order to develop methods, technologies and equipment for detection and localization of fluid leaks under pressure.
  • Experimental model of control room simulator (MESI), designed for professional development and testing of F/M Head operators, as well as testing / calibration of test rig equipment.
  • Computer System for the Development and Assessment of Professional Knowledge (SIPEC Pro), intended for the operating personnel serving the F/M Head Test Rig.
  • Gradual modernization of the structure of the Computer Management System of the test rig, which should respect the functional requirements for conducting the acceptance tests of the F/M Heads, and to replace the existing system, out of production (in progress).
  • Modernization of the automation equipment of the test rig thermohydraulic installation, by implementing a programable equipment for controlling the technological process and data acquisition, in order to increase the performances and safety in operation of the installations.
  • Video analysis system for sequential visualization of the ice plug formation process inside a horizontal pipe with DN 200.
  • The experimental database necessary for the elaboration of the ice plug insulation technique of the horizontal pipes crossed by the working agent.
  • Development of the technological facilities necessary to study the degradation mechanism of the pressure tube - spacer bracelet spring - calender tube coupling.
  • Fingerprint sampling device for defects caused by deformation or wear by friction, erosion or corrosion of interior surfaces.
  • Three-dimensional modeling of the variation of the intensity of ultrasonic signals with distance and frequency, as technical support necessary for the detection and location system of primary agent leaks due to the loss of the pressure chamber by breaking or cracking the feeders.
  • Experimental model of long-term electricity source.
  • Mathematical model for heat transfer by insulating electrical cables laid in the air.
  • Portable equipment for non-destructive evaluation of electrical cable insulation.
  • Development of thermal methods for the analysis of the aging of insulating materials of electrical cables.

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