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Radioactive Waste Treatment Plant

  • Collection, transfer, treatment and conditioning of radioactive waste generated at TRIGA reactors, Nuclear Fuel Factory Pitesti (FCN), Post Irradiation Examination Laboratory (PIEL) and other nuclear facilities in RATEN ICN and from the country;
  • Development and implementation of new equipment and technologies.


  • Characterization of radioactive waste;
  • Sorting, treatment and conditioning, in stable matrices the radioactive waste;
  • Transfer of conditioned radioactive waste to Baita Bihor National Radioactive Waste Repository.

Industrial scale treatment / conditioning facilities for radioactive waste

  • CNCAN authorized radiological facilities for radioactive waste treatment / conditioning

Facility for the precipitation treatment of liquid radioactive waste contaminated with natural uranium from FCN;

  • Incineration facility for solid waste contaminated with natural uranium from FCN;
  • Evaporative liquid waste treatment facility beta -gamma low activity range;
  • Cement conditioning facility for solid radioactive waste and radioactive concentrate resulting from evaporation;
  • Conditioning treatment facility for organic liquid waste with tritium content;
  • Bituminous conditioning facility for ion exchangers at the TRIGA reactor and other nuclear installations;
  • Small mobile facility for decontamination of small amounts of aqueous liquid waste.


  • Radiochemistry and Radiometry Laboratory for Radioactive Waste (LRRDR) - CNCAN notified laboratory

Main achievements

  • Concluding a framework agreement with SNN-CNE Cernavoda for treatment services for small volumes of aqueous liquid waste based on a technology developed within the research-development activities;
  • Development of the method and experimental facility for determining the inorganic and organic C-14 content of various types of radioactive waste (aqueous liquids, spent ionic resins, irradiated graphite, irradiated Zy-4);
  • Development of experimental procedures for evaluating the influence of cement degradation on C-14 sorption.

Contact person CS III Marius Iordache, e-mail: