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  • Providing scientific and technological support for:
    • The safe operation of units 1 and 2 at Cernavoda NPP, respectively of the TRIGA-ICN Pitesti reactor; elaboration of studies / analyzes regarding the lifetime extension;
    • The construction of units 3 and 4 of the Cernavoda NPP and of the new types of power plants from Generation IV of reactors;
  • Modernization of Measurement and Control Instrumentation (I&C); the transition from analogue acquisition, measurement and control systems to the digital version;
  • Development and promotion of nuclear technologies in medicine and industry; development of specific software for systems / equipment or data acquisition and control processes.


  • Research and development on:
    • modernization of measurement and control systems / equipment with PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) type of devices, taking into account the improvement of performances and the reliability increase;
    • integration of digital measurement, acquisition and control systems / equipment, new technologies for intelligent processing and information transfer;
    • improving operating parameters by using advanced monitoring, diagnosis and forecasting techniques;
    • development of HMIs (Human -Machine Interfaces) and Operator Support (OS) systems implemented in the control room for a safe and easy operation;
    • increasing the complexity of the Measurement and Control Instrumentation (I&C), the volume of information presented to the operator by developing intelligent measurement and control systems used in process management;
    • development and implementation of specific software for computer systems, systems / equipment or control and data processing processes.

Main achievements:

  • Measurement and Control Instrumentation:
    • Control-command system of the Universal Examination Machine - Gamma Scanning Desk;
    • Control-command system of the Capsule C2 device, from the TRIGA reactor;
    • Hardware and software configuration of the SLCD drive system based on the S7 1200 platform, Siemens;
    • Technical design documentation for Self-Powered Flow Detector Amplifier (ADFA);
    • Online monitoring of MCB (MultiChannel Buffer) detector systems.
  • Nuclear process safety and control systems:
    • Digital instrumentation solutions implemented in the Quick Stop Systems (SOR) of nuclear reactors;
    • Systems based on FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) programmable architectures integrated in the safety and control systems of nuclear reactors;
    • Applications based on FPGA technology; cyber security of I&C systems based on FPGA technology;
    • Digital version for Gas Fission Products Monitor (GFP) from CANDU type boilers;
    • Modernization of the instrumentation for processing neutron power signals provided by the uncompensated boron ionization chambers in the CANDU 600 reactor.
  • Radiation measurement and monitoring systems and equipment:
    • Experimental model for portable detection assembly, equipped with detector in cylindrical-spherical geometry, double enclosure and circulating flow for measuring the specific activity of tritium in the air;
    • Resource management system for nuclear objectives. Development of experimental modules for the collection of radiation protection data;
    • Portable electronic instrument for processing pulses from different types of ionizing radiation detection assemblies;
    • Modernized data processing and communication assembly for EMR-15G multifunctional radiation measuring equipment.
  • Nuclear and industrial automation:
    • Modernization of the temperature and water level monitoring block within the Cernavoda SLCD equipment;
    • Master-slave software application for transmitting data from an ionization chamber detector assembly to a local area network (LAN);
    • Equipping experimental conduction test plant for conducting heat transfer in molten lead medium.
    • Modernization of the SETARAM purifier of the speaker chain for the manufacture of LEU rods;
    • Control-control system for the He treatment treatment of fuel rods, using Siemens S7-1200 PLC.
  • Applications of nuclear techniques:
    • Acquisition and storage of data for the experimental device for testing Zircaloy-4 sheaths in simulated severe accident conditions;
    • Investigation of welds of radiation detector subassemblies, ionization chamber type, by SEM and EDS techniques;
    • Technologies used in the manufacturing of ionization chamber type of detectors, with applications in the nuclear field.

Contact person CS III Ion Pîrvu; e-mail: