ICN - Pitesti

The Institute for Nuclear Research Pitesti was founded in 1971 as a unit of strategic importance, having as field of activity the scientific research, design, technological development and scientific and technical responsibility for the development of nuclear energy in Romania.
The history of the 50 years of activity recorded a series of successive transformations generated by the development of the national economy and by the adaptation of the nuclear field objectives to the new requirements of the society which led to changing the institute's name:

  • 1971 - It was set up the Institute for Nuclear Technologies (ITN) subordinated to the State Committee for Nuclear Energy (CSEN);
  • 1977 - ITN becomes the Institute for Nuclear Energy Reactors (IRNE);
  • 1990 - The Institute for Nuclear Energy Reactors (IRNE) is included in the National Authority for Electricity (RENEL) and becomes the Institute for Nuclear Research (ICN);
  • 1992 - The Fuel Elements Production Department (SPEC) within ICN becomes distinct economic unit within RENEL, as the Nuclear Fuel Factory (FCN);
  • 1998 - ICN is included in the Romanian Authority for Nuclear Activities (RAAN) as subsidiary becoming RAAN-Sucursala Cercetari Nucleare, according to GD 365/1998;
  • 2013 - Starting 1st October, the Institute for Nuclear Research Pitesti (ICN) becomes a subsidiary of the State Owned Company "Technologies for Nuclear Energy (RATEN)", established under Emergency Ordinance no. 54 from 29th May 2013, approved by Law no. 302/2013.

The Institute for Nuclear Research Pitesti (ICN) has as main activity objective the scientific research, the fundamental and applied technological development, the exploitation of its own research through technology transfer, design, investments, consultancy, expertise and technical specialized assistance, subordinated to ensuring the scientific and technical support for Romania's nuclear energy sector.


Scientific meetings

  • Alfred Reactor

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